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Contributor’s Guidelines

Let’s get this out of the way right now: I’ve got no budget for paying contributors. Yes, I think you should get paid for your work. If you absolutely can’t shop that story to a paying market and are dying to be on Holoholo Wale, well, I’m honored. Thank you, your words are a gift. I genuinely believe that and again, thank you. You’ll get the usual link and social media love that I can give, it’s what I have, you’re welcome to it, and it’s not nearly what you deserve.

I started Holoholo Wale (which means “wandering around with no particular destination” in Hawaiian) to explore Hawaii in a rambling, curious, respectful way. Hawaii has so much more to offer than what I called, after a stint writing a Hawaii guidebook, “Bars, Beaches, and Babes.” Writing this blog has been a way to educate myself about Hawaii, and hopefully, to inspire others to do the same. I also like to share personal stories of connecting with (or being alienated by) Hawaii in unusual or unexpected ways. I’m interested in environmental issues, especially with regards to tourism, culture and ways visitors can experience it, history, food, music, and of course, Hawaii’s abundant nature.

Want to contribute? Here’s what I’m looking for:

Postcards: 300 words tops, one photo. Super short stories about your trip to Hawaii. Goal? Take me there. Make every word count. Waxing eloquent about the tropics? Please, no. I need more than that.

Narrative: 1000 words tops, about meaningful experiences that relate to Hawaii or Hawaiian culture. Here’s a vanity example.

Reviews: 600 words, tops, about music, books, art, shopping, restaurants and food… 600 words with details (address, opening hours, etc…). No hotel reviews, thanks.

Exploration: Hawaii is a surprisingly complicated place. Got a crazy idea? Email me, I’m happy to hear it. Maybe we’ll click.

Check your facts! I’m very appreciative of critiques of, say, Hawaii’s environmental record, the impact of tourism on the islands, bad behavior by visitors, etc. That said, for some reason, folks in Hawaii are reading this blog and they’ve corrected me, sharply, when I’ve got it wrong somehow or haven’t done my homework. Please do yours. Check your Hawaiian spelling, your history, your facts. Don’t make broad claims bashing tourists, local people, or the tourism industry and back up your statements with research. You might check out this post on writing if you want to know more about my editorial pet peeves.

Still interested? Heads up, I count words, and I swing a mean red pen. If you think you can meet my guidelines and want to be edited by a curmudgeon for the reward of, uh, being edited by a curmudgeon, well, get in touch. Send email to pam (at) nerdseyeview (dot) com.

And mahalo nui. Thanks a million.

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