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Ban the Bean?

Like your Kona, do you? Yeah, me too, the day doesn’t start around here until the espresso machine makes that noise, you know the one, telling me it’s done and my addiction is ready to go.

Someone else has taken a liking to the bean, it’s the coffee berry borer. This pest has decided that Kona cherries make a lovely nesting place and it’s wreaking all kinds of havoc on Kona’s coffee growers. There’s talk of a quarantine to prevent the spread of the bug, but not all of Kona’s coffee farmers are happy with the new rules.

Of particular concern to many Kona coffee farmers is that they were not sufficiently involved or consulted in regards to the development of the measures being taken to stop the spread of the Coffee Berry Borer in the Kona region and throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

To many small Kona coffee farmers, and in particular organic coffee farmers, the new Interim Quarantine Rules seem to be more concerned with the large coffee plantations on other islands (e.g., Kauai and Molokai) and less concerned about the spread of the Coffee Berry Borer throughout the Kona region. — Kona Coffee Roasting

The Kona Coffee Farmer’s Association has a PDF with pictures of the bean beetle, here. And there’s a KITV story with video here.

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